We believe that everyone has the ability to speak multiple languages. Our proven method gives even total beginners the confidence to start speaking straight away.

In this video Bond Street Languages' teachers discuss their unique methodology that gets students learning in days what other schools teach in years. 


Learning to communicate in a second language can be life changing. It opens doors for business, adventure and personal growth. Beyond linguistic skills, our clients have found that we've built their confidence in ways they did not expect, helping them connect with others and seize opportunities in all areas of their lives.

We speak business sense

If your company is expanding, it's likely that you are seeking people with your skills, experience and talent to do your job overseas. We offer a solution: highly concentrated learning to equip you to work effectively in a second language. We give you the skills to be yourself, wherever you are headed. 

The teaching was excellent – very flexible and focussed on what I needed. It went at a very good speed and was of a good intensity – a very productive five days with friendly and helpful staff….immersion is an excellent way to learn. I have improved a lot in a very short space of time.
— Richard Brown, five day French Course, 2015

Why we are here

Ana Herrera founded Bond Street Languages in London in 1994. Here's why.

"I'm a qualified teacher fluent in four languages, but I had been totally unimpressed by the language teaching I received during my studies. My own experience showed me that the only way to learn a language was to live it. So I set up BSL with a simple aim: to make language learning fast, effective and enjoyable.

Over the past 20 years, I've perfected a specialised high-intensity, immersive language teaching method that really works, and built a team of skilled, professionally qualified tutors from around the world: every one of them shares a passion for teaching, a fascination with languages and a joy in seeing clients grow. Together, we've enabled hundreds of companies and private individuals to thrive abroad.

Even after 20 years, seeing clients develop from embarrassed beginner to confident conversationalist is a thrill. Everybody has the ability to speak in multiple languages. We'll give you the training you need to find your voice."

Read Ana's story here.

Learning in London

We are based in Mayfair, in the very heart of London, and we make the most of it! During your sessions, we will leave the classroom to explore the sights and sounds of London. Here's a small selection of local highlights - see more about our super central location on our blog.

Our clients include