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We will create a bespoke course to cover the German vocabulary, grammar and skills you need to succeed in business, life, or exams.

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We only use the Direct Method: full days of immersion in the German language for appropriately efficient results.


German for business

With Germany's thriving start-up and business scene metaphorically and geographically at the heart of Europe, speaking German is a valuable business skill. If you're working in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, our personalised, intensive German courses will quickly give you the skills you need to get ahead.

German is a notoriously tricky language to master, but with our immersive German sessions you’ll quickly be communicating with confidence. We tailor the course to your level and requirements, focus on the German vocabulary you need in your career, and arrange the course around your busy schedule.

In just a few intensive days at Bond Street Languages you will master German language skills that would take many months of evening classes. You'll work hard, but in return you will see dramatic results quickly. With 20 years of experience of training professionals, we deliver German courses that save you (and your company) time, money, and innumerable stress headaches.

“I would like to express my thanks to you guys for giving me an enjoyable, memorable and stimulating week.”
— Richard Toombs, seven day German course

German for life

Embrace your wanderlust!

If there is anything more satisfying than ordering a Bratwurst in Germany in German, we are yet to hear about it! The German language is the key to a world of cultural, culinary and conversational delights. Whether you're holidaying in Hamburg or moving to Munich, Bond Street Languages' intensive German course will empower you to get the most out of life in Germany.

Over two decades we have developed a radically efficient immersive teaching method. Experienced tutors will tailor your course to your needs and schedule, and get you speaking German straight away. From our school in Mayfair, you'll explore London’s cafes, restaurants and galleries with your tutor - all in German. 

Whether you need beginner level German, to polish your rusty school-level skills or business German skills, we will create a bespoke course to suit your needs.

Thank you again for your patience during my week in London. I really enjoyed it and feel that I have made considerable progress – the exam went well. I hope that one day I shall be able to have another week of intensive tuition.
— Kate Martin, German course, 2015


be a wunderkind: German for GCSE, A-Level & Degree

We create personalised, intensive courses for students studying for German GCSEs, A-Levels, degrees, professional qualifications, business exams, and interviews. When time is tight, our immersive German courses are the perfect way to revise and prepare for exams. A few days with Bond Street Languages can make a dramatic difference to your German grades.


Our Method: immersive, intensive, 1:1 German courses

We run intensive, personalised one-to-one German courses at our London language school. In a series of 8 and 12 hour days, arranged on weekdays or weekends to suit you, our experienced tutors will immerse you in German language and culture. From the moment you arrive, you will be speaking German - and only German. With no choice but to communicate in German, you will will start thinking in German, not just translating: you will find you are thinking and speaking at the same time.

Forget online courses, evening classes, and textbooks. If you really want to learn German quickly, our intensive, immersive sessions together with the "Direct Method" is the most effective way to do it.

Why our German courses are so effective

  • Full immersion: every word of your sessions will be in German
  • One-to-one sessions taught by degree-level linguists
  • Intensive German teaching: full days mean you learn German quickly
  • 20 years experience of teaching German for business, exams & life in Germany
  • 8 and 12 hour days arranged to suit your diary
  • Learn in the wild: explore London culture - in German!
  • Mayfair, central London location with excellent transport connections

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