Intensive, immersive, personal Italian courses in London: super-fast language learning. 

Achieve your goals

We create a bespoke Italian course to empower you with the vocabulary, grammar and skills you need to succeed.



Our technique immerses you in Italian, making you comfortable communicating in Italian faster than you though possible.


Italian for business

If you are developing your business or career in Italy, the ability to speak Italian is a huge professional advantage - but learning it can seem like an impossible task. At our language school in Mayfair in the heart of London, we will create a bespoke Italian language programme which will make learning Italian simple. With vocabulary specific to your career, and days arranged to suit your diary, we provide the most efficient, effective, career-boosting Italian training available.

Your time is precious, so we start your training as soon as you walk through the door. Our fully immersive Italian courses get our clients speaking Italian in just a few days. You'll work hard, but you'll see fast, dramatic results. With over 20 years of Italian teaching experience, and a team of talented dedicated tutors, our immersive Italian training will save you time and money.

I enjoyed every day of my 10 day intensive Italian course. After 4 days of learning I went out with an Italian friend of mine and we had more than a passable interaction in Italian in a busy social environment. After the full ten days i was driving with the same friend and we were discussing the philosophies of Aristotle. That is not a joke.
— Michael Davies

Italian for life

Enjoy la dolce vita!

If you’re planning a holiday in Italy, relocating to Rome, or need to communicate with Italian friends and family, our immersive Italian courses are the fastest way to learn.

Bond Street Languages' immersive training is incredibly effective. We create a personalised course to suit your needs, and start speaking Italian with you immediately. You'll start in our central London classrooms, but soon your tutors will take you to explore Mayfair's cultural attractions - all in Italian. 

From Italian for complete beginners to business Italian for executives, we’ll create a bespoke course to suit your needs.

The quality of the teaching was incredible - lots of patience. I would only like more time in the day! It goes so quickly.
— Kathryn Essex, 2016

Italian exam preparation

Our intensive Italian courses are ideal for improving your Italian ahead of Italian GCSEs, A-Levels, degrees, professional Italian qualification, business exams and interviews. With one-to-one tuition and a bespoke Italian programme tailored to your curriculum, we will quickly improve your confidence and competence in speaking, reading, understanding and writing Italian. 

Excellent, hands on, clear and going at my own pace, so I wasn’t overwhelmed. A good structure, and I really enjoyed it.
— Omar Achment, 2015

How it works: immersive Italian courses

With 20 years experience, we know that our immersive Italian courses are the most efficient way to learn Italian. So we won't waste your time with online classes, evening courses or textbooks.

Instead, we offer one-to-one intensive Italian teaching in blocks of 8 and 12 hour days on weekends or weekdays to suit your diary. These bespoke Italian courses, held at our language school in Mayfair in the heart of London, will immerse you in Italian language and culture - from the very beginning, the sessions will be conducted entirely in Italian. With the support of our experienced, passionate tutors, these immersive sessions, together with the "Direct Method", will get you speaking Italian remarkably quickly.

Why our Italian courses are so effective:

  • Full immersion in Italian: every word will be in Italian
  • 1:1 lessons taught by talented, experienced, qualified tutors
  • Intensive Italian training: full days of learning for fast results
  • 20 years experience of Italian training for business, exams & everyday life
  • Blocks of 8 and 12 hour days to suit your diary
  • Learn in the wild: explore London culture - in Italian
  • Mayfair, central London language school with excellent transport connections

Get started right away

If you have a specific goal in mind, business or professional requirements, or questions about the course let us know.
We usually offer blocks of 5, 10, or 15 days but we can be flexible to suit your schedule.
8 or 12 hours/day
Complete beginner / some knowledge / intermediate / advanced / expert