Learn Russian quickly: intensive Russian language courses for business, pleasure or exam preparation


We immerse our clients in the Russian language for full days of learning. It's a highly effective method with proven results.



From total beginner to expert level, we create a bespoke course to give you the skills you need to succeed


Russian for business

We specialise in immersive Russian courses for professionals working in Russia or with Russian colleagues. With over 20 years experience, and with many very happy clients working in the oil, banking and government sectors in Russia, we know how to tailor your course to cover the essential Russian vocabulary and phrases you need in your specific field.

With our experienced tutors and proven teaching methods, our Russian courses are the most efficient, effective way to learn Russian.

The teaching was brilliant! Both Iryna and Julia worked really hard to keep the classes energetic (no mean feat for 8 hours without a break). They made the topics of interest to me and I was really comfortable chatting to them and happy to make mistakes with more adventurous phrases so that I would learn more. 10 days incredibly well spent. Thank you all.
— Edward Pickles, 10 day Russian course, 2012

Russian for life

At Bond Street Languages, we believe there is only one way to learn a language: to live it.

We offer full days of one-to-one Russian language tuition to get you speaking, and thinking, in Russian. From our central London school, you will explore the city's cultural highlights, all while communicating in Russian with our experienced tutors. 

If you need to communicate with Russian friends or family, you are planning the holiday of a lifetime, or you are moving to Russia permanently, Bond Street Languages' immersive courses are the best way to reach your target.

Russian exam success

We also specialise in preparation for Russian language exams. From Russian GCSE to A-level, degree-level, professional and business exams, interviews and beyond, our talented and experienced tutors will help you get the grade. Our fast, intensive courses are perfectly suited to polishing language skills, empowering you to succeed.

Our Method: intensive, immersive Russian courses for all levels

We only offer intensive, immersive Russian courses: full days of one-to-one tuition from expert tutors. After an initial consultation (in person or over the phone), we'll arrange a course of 8 and 12 hour days to suit your diary. Your tutors will only speak Russian to you, in the classroom and then in the wild: the cafes, restaurants and galleries of central London.

It may seem daunting at first, but this approach, together with the Direct Method really is the most efficient way to learn Russian – within just a few days you’ll be amazed by your progress. A few days of Russian training at our central London language school is more effective, efficient and enjoyable than many months of evening classes. 

Russian courses that really work

  • Complete immersion: start speaking Russian immediately 
  • Intensive Russian teaching: full days so you learn fast
  • 1:1 day-long sessions taught by experienced Russian tutors
  • 20 years experience of training Russian professionals & students
  • Choose 8 and 12 hour days arranged to suit your schedule
  • Learn Russian in real life - explore London’s highlights in Russian
  • Convenient central London location in Mayfair - so you're not Russian around!

Get started right away

We usually offer blocks of 5, 10, or 15 days but we can be flexible to suit your schedule.
8 or 12 hours/day
Complete beginner / some knowledge / intermediate / advanced / expert
If you have a specific goal in mind, business or professional requirements, or questions about the course let us know.