Highly experienced teachers, proven success, and a school in the heart of London: Bond Street Languages is the best place to learn English.

Effective & efficient

We immerse our clients in the English language. This method is incredibly effective with proven results.

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The best place to learn

Our school is in the centre of London's West End. We'll take you outside the classroom to explore the city and learn English as you go.

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English for business: professional training

English is the international language of business, and Bond Street Languages is at the centre of the English-speaking world. Professionals from all over the world come to us to learn English from absolute beginner level, or to perfect their English language skills. We'll get you started quickly, and teach you the business English vocabulary and phrases you need to get ahead in your career. We can also cover specific business skills, such as presentation, negotiation and interview technique.

Whatever your level, our experienced teachers and proven immersive teaching method will improve your communication skills, your comprehension, and your confidence. In just a few days you’ll feel like a local. With 20 years of language training experience, our courses are fast, effective and empowering.


The quality of teaching was excellent. The teachers were very well focussed on the task (getting me through an A2 exam) and gave additional conversational skills….an excellent standard of instruction.
— Nicholas Bueno de Mesquita

English for life

Around the world, the ability to speak English is a valuable life skill. From the moment you arrive at our language school in London's Mayfair, every word will be spoken in English. We will start in the classroom, but we'll also take you to explore the cultural highlights of Britain's capital city. You'll visit London’s best shopping streets, cafes, restaurants and galleries, and learn the crucial vocabulary and phrases you need to communicate in English. 

Our immersive teaching method is the fastest way to learn English. You will be supported by a team of expert tutors and surrounded by all things British so you will quickly develop the English vocabulary, grammar and comprehension you need.

English for exams

Our English courses are ideal for students who want to improve their English skills before school or university, business and professional exams. A few days living in London and communicating in English will improve dramatically your confidence and skills. We will tailor your English course to cover the subjects you require.

How we do it:
intensive 1:1 English courses

At Bond Street Languages, we only offer intensive, immersive language courses: 8 and 12 hours of uninterrupted teaching every day. This immersive method is the quickest and most effective way to learn English. 

After a consultation (in person or by phone, and in your language), we arrange English training to suit your schedule and requirements. Our expert tutors will only speak English to you, and you'll be learning in the classroom, and outside in the streets, cafes, and bars of London. 

London is the best place to learn English. At Bond Street Languages we'll expect you to work hard, but in return we offer dedication, expertise and endless enthusiasm. If you want to learn English in London, there is no better place to be.

Why our courses are so effective

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  • Complete immersion: you will only speak English
  • Intensive English teaching: full days mean you learn English fast
  • Face-to-face English lessons by experienced tutors
  • 20 years experience in teaching English for business, exams & daily life
  • 8 and 12 hour days arranged to suit your schedule
  • Learn English while you explore London culture
  • School in central London with excellent connections to stations & airports

Start learning English right away

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We usually offer blocks of 5, 10, 15 or 20 days but we can be flexible to suit your schedule.
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If you have a specific goal in mind, special subjects you want to cover, business or professional requirements, any more details about your current level of English, or anything else you think is relevant, let us know.