Figures of Speech

Why language courses are one of the best investments you – or your business – can make.

Learning a new language enables professionals to apply existing skills to new markets. It’s a powerful multiplier, unlocking the global potential of individuals and companies and opening a world of corporate possibilities. And the bottom line? It can save companies a great deal of money.

So what’s holding you back? 

If you want to learn a new language for business, improve your team’s corporate language skills, or convince the executive committee to fund your language learning, here are seven reasons why language training is the best next step for your company – and your career.

1. Improve your career prospects

As business becomes ever more global, companies need professionals who can work in multiple markets. Speaking an additional language gives you a clear advantage, especially if you’re interested in working in an international firm. 

2. Make yourself more valuable (and save your company thousands)

Chances are, you’re already great at what you do. The skills you’ve built over your career are hugely valuable. Your employer has invested in your professional development. 

Now imagine if you could apply those skills to a new market. If you could communicate fluently in French, Spanish, Italian or Russian (for example), you could instantly transfer your success to other markets around the world.

Your employer saves money on recruitment and training, and eliminates the risk of engaging someone new. For some companies, this adds up to savings of tens of thousands of pounds

When it’s possible to become fluent in French for business (or Spanish, Italian, German or Russian) in just a few days, an immersive language course is one of the best investments your company can make.

3. Expand your horizons

Speaking the language makes experiences in foreign countries far richer. Few professionals have the time to move countries to learn a language, but luckily, London is an international city. 

You can enjoy a 1:1 French course in London, and practice grammar over the finest French cuisine. Or try immersive Italian lessons, and order espressos like a pro in one of London’s many Italian cafes. And if you’ve enrolled in intensive Spanish lessons, the city’s salsa clubs are the best place to put your Spanish speaking (and dancing) skills to the test.

4. Keep your brain fit

Studies have shown that language learning improves cognitive function. It improves attention span, focus, and financial decision making skills, and avoids age-related decline. If that’s not worth investing in, I don’t know what is.

5. Make the best deals

Anyone who has ever visited a busy foreign market understands that in many countries, haggling for the best price is the norm. But it’s not just knick knacks that can be a rip off if you’re not communicating clearly. In business, it pays to understand what your colleagues, clients and competitors are saying – and to be aware if you’ve been wrongly translated.

6. Jump the queue for interesting work

Speaking a second language can win you the most interesting work. If your company works with clients who don’t speak English, your language skills immediately make you a great candidate for tasks which involve communication, even if these tasks are well beyond your job level.

7. Make meaningful connections

In business, as in life, authentic connections matter. When you speak to someone in their own language, they’re more likely to relax and open up, which as any business person knows, makes it easier to build fruitful relationships. Even beginners’ language skills make meeting and entertaining potential clients easier – and shows them you really do care about their business.

The key to success: immersive language lessons

Taking an immersive language course is by far the fastest way to learn a new language. In just a few weeks of intensive one-to-one tuition in our central London school, our executive clients gain the language skills they need to get ahead in business. 

So if you’re interested in polishing up your Spanish language skills, learning business French from scratch, starting Italian lessons, or learning to speak business Russian before you go for that exciting Moscow job, we can help you get there.

For more information about our immersive 1:1 language training, and to hear how our proven intensive learning system can help you get ahead in the business world, get in touch